Creating a Website for Your Business

Written by Lis Meitner

We’re well into the 21st century now, and there are very few businesses which don’t have a website of their own. Whether you’ve had a business for many years or you’re just starting up in your local town, you should take the time and invest some money into having a website built and designed for your company. Not only will this bring in more business, but it will make you look more professional and competitive. Good SEO and stylish web designing can make a huge different to your business, so what are you waiting for? Here are some of the main things that you need to take into consideration for your website.

Connect, connect, connect!

It’s important to remember that you need to provide many ways for potential customers to connect with you. When you design your website, make sure that you have social media buttons, contact forms and links which are clearly visible. Having a small ‘contact’ link in the corner of your website won’t always work, and people will leave your website as soon as they start finding it a struggle. At the same time that you’re building the website, create a Facebook page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile and Instagram for your business. The more you have, the more people you will be able to reach out to. However, remember that you need to keep these social networking profiles active, so perhaps you could assign some admin staff to look after those for you.

Make it easy to navigate

If your website isn’t easy to find your way around, your visitors will also find it difficult. A website that looks tacky and rushed won’t encourage visitors to come – in fact, it will turn them away. Choose your colors carefully, and don’t make it too bright and bold. Make the important things stand out, while still making it easy yet interesting. If you struggle to do this yourself, there are many professional web designing companies which will be happy to help you.

Good SEO is key

Search engine optimization will ensure that Google and other search engines are able to find your website and then show it to the people who come along searching for things which relate to your business. Without good SEO working in the background, you may find that not a lot of people are visiting your website. SEO includes things like good keywords, backlink building and sharing pages with your followers on Facebook and Twitter. If you build your own website but don’t know enough about SEO to make it a success, hire a reputable expert who will be able to take care of the SEO side of things for you

Consider an interactive page

Interactive websites can be expensive to build if you’re hiring somebody to do the work for you, but the search engines often love them and your visitors will too. Think of a game, quiz or map which might relate to your business. Advertise this on your social media profiles so that people will be interested to see what is on offer on your website. They may then look further into your site and it might lead to a sale or some more customers.

Explain your business

Remember that people have probably come to your website to find out more about your business, and even if they’ve landed on it by accident, they’ll want to know what you’re all about. You should have a page dedicated to all the information about your business (‘About Us’), and don’t forget to include your Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and any mission statements you might have. Consider having a small description of your business on the front page, and a larger description on the ‘About Us’ section.

Make it personal and friendly

Unless you have a business which needs to look serious and extremely professional, don’t be scared of adding a personal touch to it. This could be a picture of you, the founder, on the home page or it could come in the form of a small joke. Perhaps you would like to include a message in the first person to make your potential customers feel like you are talking directly to them. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget that you can always experiment and try out new things with your website as time goes by.

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