5 Top Honeymoon Destinations

Written by Lis Meitner

Arguably the most exciting trip you will ever take, your honeymoon is a romantic holiday you can enjoy after tying the knot with the love of your life. Fortunately, you can go just about anywhere on your honeymoon. There are many great destinations to visit, and there’s something for everyone depending on your interests and what you’re looking for in a trip.

Paris, France

It’s not called the city of love for no reason, and the French people will certainly help you to make your honeymoon a trip to remember. You can finally try all the French cuisine you’ve always wanted to try, including escargot and many varieties of pastries. Take a trip to all the most famous sights, including the beautiful Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, home to the Mona Lisa painting.


If you want to take a trip to Asia instead, Bali is a wonderful place to spend your honeymoon. With plenty of to rent in some of the most stunning parts of this island, you’ll be totally spoilt for choice. You can stay in a resort with a spa included, or find villas which have hot tubs or jacuzzi baths so you can spend some private time together relaxing. You can go on safari, go skydiving or complete a bucket list item that you’ve always wanted to do.

Bora Bora, French Polynesian Islands

If you have the funds and you can afford to visit this beautiful place with your new spouse, you’ll have the time of your lives. You can spend days simply enjoying the beautiful views that this gorgeous place has to offer. Celebrities also make a point of visiting this island, so you never know who you might bump into. If you like getting into the water, you can swim all day long and even come into contact with some dolphins if you’re lucky.

New York, USA

If you’ve never been to New York before, it’s the perfect chance to change that and see some of the most iconic sights in the world. You can take a ferry over to Liberty Island and get some honeymoon snaps inside the crown of Lady Liberty herself (book your tickets in advance for this). Take a romantic carriage ride through Central Park and view New York from the top of the world famous Empire State Building.

Venice, Italy

Can you imagine anything more romantic than taking a ride on a gondola through the waters of Venice? If you manage to get to Europe for your honeymoon, there are fewer places prettier and nicer to visit than Italy. If you want to make a full trip of it, you can start in the capital city of Rome before visiting the other Italian cities of interest such as Milan, Florence and Venice of course.

Remember that your honeymoon will only be as good as you make it, and although you might not be able to afford to travel very far, you can still have a great time. Don’t forget to tell everybody you meet that you’re celebrating your recent marriage!

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