Four alternative places to walk your dog

Written by Lis Meitner

There are several typical places to walk your dog out there. The first that will spring to mind are in the street or at the park, but there are some other venues around your areas that will work just as well – if not better –and provide both you and your canine with a change of pace and scenery. If you don’t want to just stick to the tried and tested – and would like to try out some new places for you and your pet to enjoy some good exercise at, then look no further than these handy pointers.

The beach

If you are blessed not to live in a landlocked area, and have an ocean to get to, then this is just for you. The sand between your toes and the water gushing at your heels is just the treat for you and your dog. Make sure you clean up after your animal, though, if it does make a mess – as many signs will show that you could be hit in the pocket if you don’t do this. Take some friends and their dogs – which among them might be a friendly Cocker Spaniel – with you, too, to make the fun all that more community-based and even better.

On a rooftop

Granted, this won’t work for everyone, but if you live on a high rise that has a decked out rooftop, with a greenhouse – an is spacious enough for doing more than just hanging your laundry, then this cold work for you. The air up there should be at its freshest – and the views will be amazing. Of course, stay away from the edges, and make sure your dog doesn’t get too excited and also steers clear from enduring a nasty fall. Again, as with on the beach, you can do this with friends and other pets.

Alongside a river

If not the ocean, then a river or related body of water, even a dam, could suffice for your and your dog. There is just something quite refreshing about having a body of water in sight when you are doing some physical exercise. Even if you can’t get into the water, like you could at the ocean or river, the embankments of a natural or man-made dam would work nicely. If this is not to your liking or perhaps your dog doesn’t show an abundance of excitement for this venue, the move along swiftly.

At a friend’s house

We don’t all have mates with vast open spaces in their house backyards, but some of us do, and can invite ourselves around for a run in their green area. Even if you have to do laps, and make up circuits of sorts to make the space feel all the more large, then do so – you won’t regret it. As a plus, unlike at the beach, you won’t have to wash sand off your feet in the end – and your dog should be pretty clean for the ride home later. The physical exercising can be followed by a quiet drink with your friends – and some special treats for your dog.

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