5 Holiday Ideas For Adventuring Families

Written by Lis Meitner

Not every family is content with a standard beach getaway. Fun in the sun may be a winner for most of us, but others like to get a little more adventure out of their summer holiday. Fortunately, the world is full of thrilling, exciting vacation spots that the whole family will enjoy, as long as they love a bit of adventure. Get off the beaten track this year and try out one of these alternative holiday ideas.

  1. Get rugged on a camping trip. 5 star hotels have their perks, but they just can’t beat a starry night spotted from the perfect camping spot. If your family loves beautiful wildlife, hiking, and roughing it in the great outdoors, pack up your tents and sleeping bags and take them on a weekend camping trip to experience nature up close and personal. Don’t forget to bring your fishing gear so you can teach the kids how to catch their own dinner.
  2. See animals up close on safari. For those who want to venture a little further afield on this year’s vacation, South Africa is an awesome spot for adventure-loving families. Kruger National Park may be the most famous safari spot for getting to know Africa’s unique native animals, but there are smaller safari tours around Kwazulu-Natal and the Western Cape that offer great alternatives if you want to explore the coastline alongside your safari fun. Visitors to the Western Cape can also take a break from wildlife watching for a hike up Table Mountain and an opportunity to take in the breathtaking views.
  3. Experience extreme skiing. There are several winter resort spots in Australia that suit skiing enthusiasts, but not all of them are great for families with kids. Resorts like Selwyn snowfields offer easier runs that less-experienced kids can enjoy, while the grownups can still take on scarier slopes for their winter adrenaline rush. These family-friendly results often offer affordable package deals, and give the kids a chance to experience a holiday that’s totally free from any chance of boredom.
  4. Go wild on Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island is a popular Australian holiday spot for families for good reason. It’s easily accessible from Adelaide, and offers gorgeous beaches and tons of adventure for the whole family. The adults can enjoy some laid-back time with the island’s delicious food and wine, while the kids can let off loads of steam on boats and quad bikes. There are also some perfect wildlife-spotting spots, giving you clear views of dolphins and whales at the right time of the year.
  5. Splash and ride in Queensland. If your kids’ idea of a great adventure is all about theme parks and thrilling rides, there’s no better spot in Australia than Gold Coast. The city offers a range of different exciting parks, including WhiteWater World, Wet n’ Wild, Dreamworld, and Sea World. There are plenty of awesome water-themed rides for the whole family at the parks, as well as rollercoasters and movie-themed attractions, and smaller rides that will suit the miniature members of the family. For kids that want to experience a splash of nature alongside the adventure rides, they can head down to the rock pools of the coast to find hidden treasures, or travel along the monorail route by bicycle.

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