8 Ways To Make Sure You Meet Your Fitness Goals

Written by Lis Meitner

Setting goals is easy. It’s sticking to them that can be tough for many of us. Whether you’re re-starting that New Year’s resolution that didn’t quite work out or getting ready to feel confident on the beach this summer, there are plenty of ways that you can boost your chances of making those fitness goals a reality.

  1. Get help from the experts. If you’re hoping to make huge gains in the gym this season or want to drop some excess weight, there are professional products out there that can make it way easier to get the results you want. Check out good quality products like bsn supplements, read online to find out which products will suit your aims, and incorporate them into your fitness-focused diet so that you have the best odds of achieving your goals.
  2. Set realistic targets. It’s near impossible to meet your goals when you set them too high. Instead of making one huge goal for the year, focus on smaller mini-targets that you know you can achieve in the short term. Keep your eye on the prize and before you know it you’ll be moving on to the next level.
  3. Get a gym buddy. Staying motivated can be hard, so get a friend on board who has similar goals to you. You can push each other when necessary and cheerlead along the way. A little competitive edge always makes it easier to push through that last rep, too.
  4. Make a class commitment. Just showing up at the gym is a great start, but booking yourself into a regular fitness class will guarantee you a proper workout at least during that hour each week. Pay ahead of time and schedule it into your schedule for the month so you’ll have no excuse not to turn up.
  5. Find something you enjoy. If the fun aspect is missing from your exercise routine, you probably won’t be as motivated as you need to be to meet those goals. Working out shouldn’t be a chore that you dread – it should be a positive part of your day that makes you feel strong and healthy. Some people find team sports more motivating than gym sessions – do whatever works for you.
  6. Create a rewards system. Design a set of rewards for each milestone you reach along your fitness journey. A shopping spree to buy some clothes in a new, smaller size can be a great motivational option. The reward probably shouldn’t be food, but if dreaming of a big cheat meal is what gets you through that month of tough workouts, so be it.
  7. Avoid burnout. Going too hard in the gym is a problem for some people, and can lead to overtraining and burnout. Try to build your exercise up at a steady pace and don’t push too hard at once. Keep the routine stable, and give yourself rest days to let your muscles repair.
  8. Stay hydrated and well fed. Not eating or drinking enough is a sure-fire way to sabotage your fitness goals. Dehydration will make exercise a dangerous challenge, and under-eating will prevent you from building muscle mass. Get your diet and water intake right so that you have the energy you need to get to the finish line.

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