The Benefits of Community Living for Older People

Written by Lis Meitner

When people grow older, they often feel like they are isolated from the rest of society. Unless they have plenty of family members and friends who are willing to invest their time and efforts into visiting them and spending some time with them, life as an older person can become very difficult. Apart from the aspects of loneliness, older people are more prone to struggle with their health and other issues, making it almost impossible for some of them to live without special care. For these reasons, among many others, community living is chosen as the best option for many people in their later years.


  1. Constant companionship

Community living offers older people the chance to be around other people of a similar age and mindset. This doesn’t mean that everybody has to spend all of their time together, since each person has a separate room and will easily be able to get peace and quiet whenever they need it. However, during the day if they are feeling lonely or in need of a chat, they are likely to find other residents in the communal areas who are happy to have a chat or play a game of cards. Many people who are lonely and move into community living find very special friends that they are able to enjoy things with during their time in the accommodation. The staff are usually very keen to help people socialise, making it easy for new residents to mingle with the existing ones.


  1. Leisure and activities

The majority of community living apartments will arrange for the residents to take part in various leisure activities throughout the year. This could be in the form of trips away to different parts of the country, especially for those in over 50 living where the residents are likely to be a little younger. However, not all the activities involve travelling somewhere, since there are many other activities such as card games, exercise classes and musical shows. Since community living is normally more expensive than having your own apartment or house outside of a community, the activities usually don’t cost the residents any extra money. Additionally, puzzles such as crosswords, Sudoku and other brain-training exercises are beneficial for preventing older people from developing illnesses such as Alzheimer’s Disease, and activities like these are encouraged within community living.


  1. Care and support

This is a particularly important factor for older people who have health issues. For many people, this is what makes them choose community living over moving into a bungalow or other place. Nurses and other health professionals are generally available 24/7, which means that residents will have the help they need no matter what time of day or night. Sometimes, older people don’t have major health issues, but their families will recommend they go into community living so that they have peace of mind. If anything does happen to them during the night or day, somebody will be there to help them along.

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