How to Become the Best Carer for Older People

Written by Lis Meitner

You’re starting out a new career as a carer for the elderly, and you want to become the best you possibly can. Looking after people of any age comes with a lot of responsibility, and especially for older people, you might be the only person they see all day. Whether you’re caring for them within the capacity of a nursing home or care home or you’re visiting their homes to assist with daily activities and general care, here are the main things you can do to become the best carer possible.

Take initiative

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking after your elderly parent or if you’re working in aged care Kew at a nursing home. Looking for potential problems and trying to either solve them when they arise or prevent them altogether can make life easier for everybody. If you’ve recently started working somewhere, one of the best things you can do to impress your managers is to do things without actually being told to do them. Of course, you have to make sure that you know exactly how to do it and what is needed before you go ahead, but once you’ve been told or shown, everybody will be impressed by your ability to take initiative and help things to keep ticking over.

Understand each person as an individual

It’s easy to think of each person as just another one to tick off your list when you’re finished, but remember that each of these people are individuals and have individual needs and desires. As much as anything, they want to interact with you and have a chat while you’re assisting them with whatever they need. A great way to become a good carer is to try and remember specific things about each person you deal with. For example, maybe one person likes to have lots of sugar in the tea, and remembering this will create a great impression and make them very happy. Another might not like to use a certain brand of soap, or maybe they like their eggs runny in the morning. All these little things add up to create a better experience for the client and help to make you a better carer.

Have lots of patience

Many carers who work in the nursing industry with older people lack patience, which is why older people can get upset easily with their carers and relatives are often worried about putting them into care homes or similar environments. Although it may be difficult to keep your cool and remain calm and patient if there is an aggressive client or a client with mental health issues such as dementia, it’s very important to stay professional and patient at all times. Not only will this allow you to get things done in a more calm and effective manner, but it ensures that you don’t step out of line and create health and safety problems or issues which might put your job or role in jeopardy or even cause harm to the elderly person.

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