Avoiding Stress When Planning a Hen Party

Written by Lis Meitner

Planning your own hen party or planning a friend’s or family member’s big event -it always comes with strains and stresses that you can’t seem to avoid. However, there are definitely many ways that you can avoid some of the stress – or even better, all of the stress. You still have a job, family and friends to think about, so a hen party should never take over your life and start stressing you out too much.

Start planning early

A major factor in causing stress is leaving things until the last minute or not having enough time to get things organized and planned. Maybe the venue you really wanted has now been booked out, or you’ve not got enough time to order the catering company that you planned on using. The entertainment might not be available for your particular night, and many other things could potentially go wrong if you don’t start early and get planning from the very beginning.

Stay organized

This is particularly important if there’s not just you involved with the planning. If other people are taking part in the planning process, you’ll need to make sure that each other person knows what they are doing and what has already been planned. You don’t want to end up with double the necessary food, not enough alcohol and the wrong entertainment company booked for the night! Make a list of everything that needs to be done and colour-code it so everyone can see the progress. Share it somewhere everybody can access it, such as a group chat or shared email. Hens nights don’t have to be difficult to plan as long as everything stays under control.

Ask for help

Even if you’re supposed to be planning everything on your own, don’t be scared to ask someone for help. You can ask the bride’s family or your own family, some friends or even people at work who might be able to do certain things to help you along. Whatever happens, don’t let the situation become overwhelming for you.

Go with the safe options

It’s nice to be a little adventurous sometimes, but if there’s a lot to plan and you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, it’s easier to go with the safer options. You won’t have to stress about making the right decisions, since everyone is probably going to love it anyway. Don’t worry too much about having to create a night, which is unique and different and amazingly adventurous for everybody – they will be happy to have a few drinks, some good food and some great laughs with each other.

Think of yourself first

This is particularly true if you’re planning a hen party for somebody else – don’t forget to think about yourself and realize that you and your own health come first. A hen party should be fun for everybody, including you, and if the stress is getting too much, you’ll always look back on the occasion with bitter memories. Make sure you get to bed early rather than sitting up late planning the night, and if you feel it’s getting too much, don’t be afraid to hand over some of the workload.



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