7 Holiday Traditions To Start With Your Family

Written by Lis Meitner

Holiday traditions are a key part of the holiday magic for your kids. They’re the moments you remember for years to come, and make up the fabric of a happy childhood. If you don’t have many holiday traditions so far, or are just about to enter the world of parenthood and want some ideas to get you started, try these magical festive rituals with your little ones.



  1. Personalise the presents.  Use personalised christmas sacks for children to individualise the gifts on Christmas Day. You can even get your own parent sacks, too, so the whole family is included in the fun. This way, the kids feel like they have their own special moment when they open their presents, and they can get a new one from ‘Santa’ each year as a wonderful tradition. Leave a personal note in each sack from Santa so the children have something to read before they open up their gifts.
  2. Volunteer together.  While it’s easy to get caught up in the commercialism of the holiday season, it’s important to help your kids realise that the holidays are really about giving and caring for others. Take them to volunteer as a family (at an age-appropriate location) so they can give back to the community. It’s a great opportunity to do some good as a family, and to develop a tradition that’s all about spreading the love.
  3. Do a festive reading countdown.  Gather all of your favourite festive books up or take some out of the library, and create an advent reading game. Read a different one each night in the countdown to Christmas, and pick the kids’ top choices to read again on Christmas Day.
  4. Prepare for Santa and his friends.  One of the most fun Christmas Eve traditions for kids involves getting the house ready for Santa to come visit. Get them involved in baking some sweet treats to leave out for Santa, and mix up some reindeer treats from nuts and cereals to sprinkle on the lawn or in a bowl for Rudolph. Don’t forget to munch them yourself so that the magic isn’t spoiled when the kids come down on Christmas morning!
  5. Sing Christmas carols together.  If your kids don’t know all of the classic holiday carols yet, round them up and teach them a selection of tunes. Sing together on Christmas Eve to create some warm and wonderful holiday memories.
  6. Have a day of decorating. Set one day aside a few weeks before Christmas (or earlier, if you really can’t wait) for the to work together on decorating for the holidays. Set up the tree, get the decorations box out and let the kids go wild covering the tree with trinkets and tinsel. Sit down and make craft decorations together that they can hang around the house, and turn your home into a festive wonderland.
  7. Create a Christmas Eve ritual.  Christmas Eve is almost as magical as the big day itself thanks to the feeling of excitement and anticipation in the house. Develop rituals that your kids love to help them settle in for the night, like wearing comfy festive pyjamas and opening one gift each while watching their favourite holiday movies under a big blanket.

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