Do This for a Perfect Girls’ Weekend in Byron Bay

Written by Lis Meitner

You’re planning for a Byron Bay getaway with your girls but you’re not exactly up for a wild time like a hen’s party. Instead, you’re more attracted to relaxation, indulgence and perhaps glamour, too. We offer you several tested and proven ideas for a lovely girls’ weekend.


Feeling lazy? Book a resort & spa room

Weekend getaways are usually crammed between work-filled weeks that leave you drained. You reach your hotel and then you realise you’re too lazy to even go out for a brunch. There’s a solution to this, that allows you to conserve your energy and at the same time have a great time with your friends. Book your accommodation in a place where there’s a spa. The Byron Bay massage services are excellent and combine aromatherapy, as well as lush and nutritive oils to leave you pampered and rejuvenated. In addition, spas and resorts offer you sauna sessions, beauty services and so on.


Cake craft

Girls like to get crafty and let their creative side shine through. Combine this more or less explored skill with the best sweets in town and you have your perfect idea for a birthday or just any girls’ weekend. Get a plain cake and take turns to contribute to its decoration. The results will most likely be amusing.


Snorkel tours with the sea turtles

At Julian Rocks you can swim among turtles as you book a snorkel tour. You will also see other amazing creatures living underwater, such as the leopard sharks. Everyone knows how rewarding it is to dive into the clear Australian waters and these shores are no exception. In the region you will also find the Tea Tree Lakes where you can swim freely and enjoy the health benefits. Their dark coloured water is warm and has healing properties precisely thanks to the tea tree oils that infuse it. This is also a more tranquil option if you don’t fancy the wind.


Byron Bay beach day

With a beach so spacious, why wouldn’t you plan to spend your weekend there? It’s probably the biggest attraction, after all. You can read, play, swim or choose to have cocktails served to you by handsome butlers. Whenever you’re getting hungry, you can head over to one of the cafes dotting the shore.


Dramatic bay views

Walking does good to your health, especially if your lifestyle is sedentary. Take time for a walk to CapeĀ  Byron, a place of wild and often frightening beauty, where waves crash on rugged dark cliffs. This dramatic scenery can keep you busy taking photos for hours. You can also take the path to the lighthouse, directions are offered along the road.


Boost the exotic factor

When in Byron Bay, you can sample Asian-style holidays if you know what to book. There are, for example, typical Balinese houses rented out to visitors and complete with canopy beds, Buddha statues, traditional furniture and carpets and gorgeous tropical gardens. The experience thus gets very close to the authentic one.

Byron Bay is only a short flight away from Melbourne so it’s easy to reach. It is home to unnumbered possibilities for a dreamy weekend but, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can venture out. In the nearby village of Bangalow, for example, you may go for exquisite shopping places like boutiques and markets. It’s a world apart, just like many other gems in the area.


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