How to find the coolest baby gifts around

Written by Lisa Laings

Have you ever found yourself at a loose end, needing to take a gift to a baby shower, and no idea of what to buy? Coming up with an original gift is not an easy thing to do and the last thing that any soon-to-bed aunt or uncle wants to do is to purchase a meaningless item that will very quickly be forgotten. So where do you start and what do you get? How do you find an item that will stand out at the party but still be useful, practical and memorable? It certainly isn’t an easy challenge, but to help set you on the road, here are a few ideas of where to start.

Take your time

One of the best ways to end up buying an amazing gift is to take your time in the purchasing process. Heading to a mall can often be a tense & harassed process with people on all sides, parking issues and time pressure. Rather look to do it on the internet from the comfort of your home. You will be amazed how enjoyable the shopping experience can be if you pour yourself a glass of wine or a nice cup of tea and start to browse some online stores. Suddenly you will discover that there are stylish baby gifts everywhere – and at very affordable prices as well. It is all about putting yourself in the right frame of mind.

Old fashioned

Baby-shower gifts don’t always have to serve an immediate purpose. Sometimes it is nice to get something that the baby will grow into or use when they are a little older. Most people tend to want to give gifts that have immediate benefit or application but there really is no need to do that. Similarly, you don’t need to get the latest trend or fancy gadget. Think back to what you liked when you were a toddler. A puzzle is always a great idea. It is mentally engaging, once completed it brings about a great sense of achievement, it can be done as a bonding exercise with a parent and it aids development. Talking about winning the gift jackpot!


The swiss child psychologist Piaget was a big proponent of mobiles, suggesting that they helped significantly with early childhood development. They make great gifts too. Get something cool and exciting to keep baby stimulated and focussed. Instead of staring blankly into space at sleep time, a well-placed mobile is an ideal way to be calmed mentally challenged at the same time.

Plant a tree

Commit to planting a tree to commemorate the baby’s birth. It is not necessarily a gift that has any practical application, but it is something that will last for a long time and which will grow and age symbolically adjacent to the baby. In other words, as the baby becomes an adult and finds their own way in eth world, so too will the tree get bigger, put down roots and become something significant and of stature. A plaque on the tree is also a great way to commemorate the birth.

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